Alert Notes

Automatic Alarms from Notes

Alert Notes Version 2.0

Released October 2, 2013


  • UI appearance and feel updated for iOS 7
  • New app icon

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where resetting a device's privacy setting can permanently disable the app's access to your contacts
  • Fixed random crash triggered by tapping a note's disclosure button
  • Fixed layout issues with initial hints on 4 inch displays

Alert Notes for iPhone Version 1.3.2

Released May 1, 2013


  • Improved appearance of alert messages displayed on launch by truncating very long ones
  • Support email templates now include app version and device info
  • Added support for recognizing "afternoon" (interpreted as 3pm)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash on launch that occurs when there are corrupted contact entries
  • Fixed occasional crash that occurs when trying to display a note at the center of the screen after its alert goes off
  • Fixed incorrectly generated note title when it contains text of the form "on DAYOFWEEK"
  • Fixed issue where month name abbreviations are incorrectly parsed from ordinary words
  • Fixed issue where the date is incorrectly parsed when there are multiple times present in a note

Alert Notes for iPhone Version 1.3.1

Released April 17, 2013

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that prevents Alert Notes from appearing in the Contacts Privacy section of the Settings app
  • It is now possible to adjust the alert date manually to a date earlier than the one currently set
  • Fixed an issue where the back button sometimes does not reappear after exiting from the note editor help screen
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes prevents the note from being edited after exiting from the note editor help screen
  • Fixed a typo in name detection error message

Alert Notes for iPhone Version 1.3

Released September 20, 2012

Adds support for iOS 6 and the 4 inch screen of iPhone 5 and new iPod touch.

Alert Notes for iPhone Version 1.2.1

Released October 24, 2011

This update contains all changes from version 1.2 plus additional reliability and compatibility fixes.

  • iOS 5 compatibility fixes
  • Fixed crash that happened when returning to the main screen from an empty note
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some empty notes from being deleted
  • Fixed UI issue that forces people to set a future alert date on an expired alert, after accidentally invoking manual alert date selector
  • Updated online help with information about improved name detection capabilities added in version 1.2
  • Now switches to the main screen before automatically showing the action menu in response to a new alert
  • Note title is now always updated after a note's text is changed. It was previously not changed if one chooses to keep the current alert date after editing a note with a relative alert date.
  • Fixed occasional UI glitches in landscape mode for iOS 5
  • Improved overall UI responsiveness

Alert Notes for iPhone Version 1.2

Released October 14, 2011

New Features

  • Postpone/Snooze feature
  • Manual selection of contact entries, if none are detected from a note


  • iOS 5 compatibility changes
  • Faster and more accurate detection of names from your notes. Now detects single name contacts, as well as company only contact entries.
  • Will automatically show action menu for the latest alert, when appropriate
  • More accurate value for pending alerts app icon badge, specifically when the app is not running
  • Revised wording for app icon badge setting to better match standard iOS 5 usage
  • Now stops currently playing alert sound when going into background

Bug Fixes

  • Improved alert reliability when one has a large number of notes
  • Prevent creation of empty note that sometimes get created when the app is terminated while creating a new note
  • "Silence" button for persistent alerts now always behaves as expected
  • Fixed a bug where the displayed alert time for repeating alerts is sometimes wrong
  • Highlighted appearance of a note in the list is now removed after changing a past alert date to a future one
  • Always brings back the editable headers in the note editor when resuming from background. It previously does not come back if the app goes into the background while a note's content is being edited.

Alert Notes for iPhone Version 1.1

Released August 31, 2011

New Features

  • Landscape mode support
  • Ability to quickly send a text message, initiate a FaceTime call, or share the contact info for names and initials detected from your notes' text


  • Lengthened some of the alert sounds, when appropriate
  • Improved detection for the days of the week
  • Improved detection and behavior for phrases like "nightly", "each night" and "every night"
  • Removed previously arbitrary limit to the number of info items (names, initials, phone numbers, email addresses and URLs) that can be detected in a note
  • Alert sound preview now stops playing as soon as you leave the alert sound chooser screen
  • Note titles and alert messages are now consistently capitalized
  • "Email Us" compose screen appearance now matches the rest of the app
  • "Email Us" feature now sends email to new address,

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where the default alert time setting is not honored for events that repeat daily
  • Fixed bug where after editing a note, its title does not change to match its new content
  • Fixed bug where a note's title can have leading spaces
  • Fixed bug where the phrase "in x months" or "in x days" is not recognized if it is at the start of a line

Alert Notes for iPhone Version 1.0

Released August 1, 2011

Initial Release